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The power of 90 days.

90 days sounds like a glimpse of a year , don’t it ?

I bet the answer is – yes. Yet, it is enough for you to pursue almost any skill.

How? Here is how;

What is 90 days Year ?

That’s right. Forget what you heard till now. Now think of 1 year = 12 months weeks.

I came to know about this concept from this book called 12 weeks year. by Brian P. Moran & Michael Lennington. This article is somehow the summary of the book.

Why is 90 days year effective?

Whenever we plan for achieving certain goals, we usually tend to plan annually. And a Year after we don’t even remember we pledged to do something or regret that we couldn’t accomplish the goals we set.

if you can relate to this you are me.

I used to plan something . And for some days or even weeks it went smooth and after that procrastination took place.

By realizing the abundance of time I used to procrastinate all the tasks and start to do binge-watching, gaming, or scrolling crap(Facebook’s newsfeed).

The untold truth is No amount of time is enough to complete the task and also No amount of time is less to complete the task. You confused with the irony? lemme explain

The First Case: if you keep more than enough time for accomplishing a task or attaining a milestone then your brain realizes the abundance of time and decides to procrastinate.

Once your brain realizes there is an easy way (Not to work now / Procrastinate), then it is very difficult for you to divert that thought and get to work. So, you keep on procrastinating. Occasional Procrastination becomes frequent, and then turns into a habit, and by the time you forget about your pledge, milestone or whatsoever.

The Latter case: If you keep less time (which is usually enough) to accomplish the task, then you be aware of the time passing.
You will guilt each second wasted on non-productive things or tasks that don’t get you closer to your milestone. and you are more likely to minimize distraction and delegate the not important tasks.

How to Implement It in your life

1) Decide what you want to achieve this year.

You should have a definite and rational milestone or goal. Like you cannot plan to be rich. That is too straight and incomplete in terms of milestone. You can say to learn content creation, learn copy writing, etc. Plan those things where your action determines the result.

But you could also plan like to have sales of $1000, increasing the mailing list to 1000 emails. But these goals requires the same kind of costly action and hustle.

For now we are starting small, and after you successfully implement this. You can tweak or set your goals to the cases I mentioned above too.

2) Hold yourself accountable

Tell your plans to your friends or spouse and ask them to hold you accountable for your progress. Holding yourself accountable removes the chances of you being off the track, or lagging behind compared to plan. They will keep on making you remember your purpose/ milestone.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find someone. Hold yourself accountable on your own. This will be hard and you may fall off the track many times. But you will finally get used to it and be independent. It’s best to be independent of others.

Note: Find yourself a person who loves you and cares you enough to hold you accountable authentically not someone who will embarrass you or make you feel low when you lag behind or perform low.

Life Tip: Stay away from energy suckers.

3) Keep Track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress is crucial. Here are few ways you can do to keep track of your progress.

This article will help you learn additional benefit of keeping a journal
  • Keep Task reminders or notation(just a subtle sign of task) somewhere you see frequently. Like (Computer screen, mobile screen, refrigerators handle, etc.)
  • Breakdown tasks into subtasks and the act on it. (Decomposition of task helps to clarify the purpose)
  • Keep your eye on the reward { Keep remembering the outcome of the hustle after year (90 days) }

4) Work everyday

Work every single day on you goals. This is the main thing when it comes to accomplishing anything in life. Action.

Taking action is important. Work even if you don’t feel like working.

If you have set yourself the task of typing 1000 words but you are not feeling like you want to type today.
Get up and at least type 200 words or a few. There is a high chance of you to recover the interest of typing then and there because Motion creates emotion.


You will never have enough time to do anything. So you should be intentional to achieve a particular goal by minimizing distraction and low-value tasks. If you constantly get distracted by social media, porn then consider installing website blocker extensions or apps in your device.

Set a goal that is attached to your emotion. Working on a goal with emotional attachment changes the way your brain functions and saves your energy(despite the size of the goal).and prevents burnouts.

Don’t underestimate yourself as incompetent or not qualified to work on something you love. You are always limited by limits you set for your self. Your Reality is the illusion of your brain.

Now grab a piece of paper and plan your 12 weeks today.

Note: Don’t take yourself too seriously. sincerity should be reflected in your actions, not seriousness. Seriousness will get you nowhere. and there is nowhere where sincerity will not be able to take you.

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