Tap the power inside you

Tap the power inside you

We give away our power without realizing and considering.

For instance

  1. You get angry at the person who frustrates us. Now that person has the power over you. You didn’t even realize you have given away your power to frustrate you to the particular person.
  2. You get lonely and sad if someone dumps you. You feel void. You feel unloved. You have given away the power to make you feel loved to someone who does not even values it or gives you love back.
  3. You want to impress when you meet new people. Now you have given the power to approve you or validate you through someone who has no clue that they are responsible for validating you or liking you. And their invalidation makes you feel hopeless, unlikable, unacceptable.
  4. You blame your parents for not providing you good parenting. You hold the grudge with them instead of utilizing the benefit of realizing, that you have a lot to learn.
  5. You fake yourself, Say yes to things you want to strongly deny, just to be liked more and not be hated for who you are.
  6. You buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like. You fake materialistic success to impress people you don’t like for satisfying your ego or maintaining your so-called standards.

You have the power to make yourself angry or frustrated. You can feel accepted or rejected, loved or unloved, lonely or connected, authentic or fake whenever you want.

When you give away the power of validating you, you are already invalidated by your true self. Your sense of self-respect is reduced. Your self-worth is multi dimensional and not with in you.

Like yourself and if you cannot then change yourself.

Your self-worth, self-respect should be unidimensional and only dependent on you, your true self. Giving away the power to validate you creates social anxiety and constant fear of not being liked/accepted.

Success is never materialistic. True success is detachment, loyalty, love, connection with self. Find the purpose of your life and live a life of purpose. Feel connected to everything yet detached from everything.

Practice Solitude, Contemplation, Self Love to live a life of full of spirit.

If something is creating trouble, remove its only power, Your attention.

If someone dumps you or rejects you. And you feel no one will ever make you feel like them. Remember, the feeling of love, compassion, and excitement was inside you. That feeling never came from them. You projected the love, compassion, joy which was inside you, convincing yourself that they made you feel that. (Read that again)

Let me give you a psychological example.

If you touch people when they are laughing or happy. Their brain associates the feeling of joy and happiness with your touch

And similarly, if you feel loved, happy, compassionate when you are with the other person. Your brain associates those feeling with the presence of that particular person in your life.

You have the power to make yourself feel loved anytime you want.

Don’t pin over your lover who is gone and wish to get the moments you had with them back. The happiness in those past moments were because of your perception about the situation and you can feel it any time you want.

I will never forget the words said by my brother to my friend of friend. He was going through a bad breakup and he felt She was the one who can make him happy.

And he was asking my brother how can he win her back and what he said to me was really beautiful.

Don’t try to reverse the change. Life is uncertain but that is its beauty.

– Susan Poudel (Alpha)

Appreciate the heartbreaking moment of life.

I don’t mean you don’t need anyone. Thinking yourself already connected with everyone is the potent form of tapping the power in you.

Empathize other’s pain. Celebrate other’s success. And live a life of purpose. This is the ultimate way of feeling loved and connected with everyone 🕉️.

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