Reason I Keep a Journal

Reason I Keep a Journal

Journal is a book that records idea that take shape.

You are not your brain. You realize that thoughts pop in your head sometimes even when you don’t want to think about it. They are not in your control. Thoughts become action, action becomes habits and habits becomes nature.

Positive thoughts transform us and negative thoughts deform us. There is a quote saying “A deed is done when thought is planted”. What we allow to roam in the brain unknowingly affects our life.

Journaling is the process of shaping our thoughts. There is no specific framework for everyone about what to write in daily journal.
You could write about :

  • About Your Day
  • About your ideal day / Todo
  • Your Progress Tracking
  • Things you learned
  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Gratitude
  • Emotional Flooding
  • Bizzare thoughts that appear
    Or things that don’t exist on this list.

What I Write

I don’t have a specific sequence. But my typical journal mostly starts with:

  • Morning Todo Checklist (Workout, 3km running, etc)
  • Things I am thankful for (Roof under the head, etc)
  • How I am feeling right at that moment. ( Bizzare thoughts, random without end)

It’s not always I write 1 journal per day. Sometimes I flood my emotions just to clear my head.
After flooding all emotions, I feel light and relaxed. It’s like recharging myself all over again. It helps me to become more rational and confident.

Sometimes I write about a Journey or visit. I write about how I felt, What I saw, the weather of that place, the people of that place. how was I treated, What I did, so on, Journaling about the journey and visits is always best. Because whenever I turn the page and read about it. I relive that moment all over again.

Sometimes I write about a particular incident. How I felt and reacted. How I should have reacted. My consciousness at that moment. What triggered my impulsive and irrational response. And I Acknowledge all of that and learn from that. This helps me to deal with similar situations in the coming future.

Where do I Journal

I mostly write online. I used website called penzu. Its a website designed for writing journaling. Its simple to use and easy to navigate. Its core features are free though it may require premium for its additional features. Start using unpaid version and if its compatible for your then go for premium membership as per your needs.

Its best alternatives is LiveJournal . or you could write on hard copy as your availability.

When do I Journal

I used to journal at night before this corona virus global pandemic because i am a college student. I don’t have much time morning during academic days.

But now that I have enough time in the morning, I write in the morning after the completion of my morning routine. Writing Journal watching the sunrise is the sign of an ideal day for me. After writing the journal I just take some amount of Vitamin D and then start my rest of the day.

Why I Write

The main reason i started journaling is because writing is my hobby. But soon, i found that journaling has been affecting my life in so many aspects.

Emotional and Mental Clarity

Journaling Provides Emotional and Mental Clarity. It helps you to control your thoughts and emotions. It doesn’t make you emotionless or thoughtless but it makes you able to control them. You let go of all toxic emotions like anger, lust, expectation, sloth, etc.
You act more rationally. You develop more positive thoughts and emotions. You will start entertaining thoughts without accepting them. You begin to take control of your mind. Taking control of the mind means taking control of life.

Improved Self Awareness

Your self-awareness will be at a peak. You will be the author of every action you take. After being the author of your every action you practice self-control and be able to control yourself.


You develop gratitude and positive energy every time. Continuous practicing of gratitude creates abundance and fulfillment. You will be aware of all the privileges you have and develop a positive attitude towards life.

Clear Thoughts = Clear Speech = Better Conversations = Valuable Relationships

Writing Journal makes us able to categorize our thoughts and trash useless thoughts. It develops a filter in the brain only allowing useful thoughts and removing without end thoughts. Having Clear thoughts results in having clear speech. Clear speech leads to better conversations. Better conversation as in being fully present, authentic, and non-judgemental.
And Such Better Conversations lead to better relationships, which help us grow.

Peace of Mind

Journaling leads to peace of mind. As it filters negative and useless thoughts. Only thoughts that are positive, healthy full of gratitude roams in the brain. which leads to a peaceful mind.

Inspire Creativity

Everyone holds potential creativeness in self. Journaling is the most potent for of inspiring and exploring self creativity.

Mindfulness, Relieving stress and anxiety, improve writing (duh).

These are the reason why i keep journal. These all benefits are so much of value that it is very expensive for me to not to journal.

I know it’s not easy to journal regularly. Journaling is easy but it is monotonous so it makes it hard for most of us to stick with it. But nothing that matters comes easily. Consistently following the habits of value helps us grow and flourish.

I love to journal. My day is incomplete without writing journal. Journaling is not my habit, it is my lifestyle.

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