Reality – The illusion of Brain

David Eagleman, an American Neuroscientist says that, Instead of reality being passively recorded by the brain, it is actively constructed by it.

I used to question this but now I could not agree more on that. This article completely revolves around this saying of David Eagleman.

Reality is far more than looking

We see we are looking at the world just as fine until we call our attention to it. whenever we see something for the first time, our brain stores its image. But along with the image our brain records the specific edges, shapes, and patterns.

The second time we see the same thing, it doesn’t look at the object in the same way as the first time, instead, it sees the pattern, matches the image in the brain’s neurons, and then forms the image for us to display.

The more we look at something the lesser our brain looks at a complete object until we bring our attention to it consciously.

By not even looking at the object completely we see the whole object, its because we see what our brain shows us, not what our eyes see.

Eyes just transmit the light, raw and bizarre patterns to the brain. The brain does a whole lot of processing before we feel the seeing of objects.

Illusion of Senses

The colors, taste, odors are just the illusion of the brain. We don’t sense the smell of an object because it has that odor, but it’s the brain that makes you sense the odor.
same as in the case of colors and taste, the object in its originality in terms of energy and matter doesn’t have the odor or color we smell and see. The actual reality of the object is just in form of energy and matter.

It’s our brain that convinces it smells a certain smell, glows in a certain color, tastes a certain taste. So Mr. Eagleman suggest the first thing to remember while trusting our senses is: don’t.

Don’t trust your senses. Same is in the case of having and opinion. Yes we all have our own opinion on any subject but we should be always ambiguous to another pattern of thinking. We should not be blindfolded with what our brain says to us. We should be open minded.


So now we know that we are never introduced to the actual reality of the world. There is an advantage to that. We see what we choose to see. We become what we choose to become.

There are some sayings

A deed is done when the thought is planted .

The Man Who Says He Can and the One Who Says he Can’t Are Both Right


Both quotes refer to the same thing. We become what we believe. We set the limits we stay limited to, We choose mediocrity, We choose to be average.

All the things you saw, heard about the world from your birth were never the actual reality but it was the reality constructed by our own brain. So we can construct any reality we choose to see.

Its easier said than done but we will eventually be successful if we keep forcing positive affirmation, and the possibility of limitless power to our conscious brain. The subconscious will subtly start believing in limitless life, energy, and spirit.

It is not possible to control the external factors of the world but it is not necessary to control too If you have control over your internals( Response, Perspective).

Your reality merely or not at all depends on external factors. It completely depends on the interpretation done by your biological brain. I am not saying this by referring to philosophy but factual biology.

Suggestions adding value to the article are appreciated and credited.

We don’t see things as they are, We see them as we are.

Anais Nin

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