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I cannot think of opening line for purpose. So better if I don’t provide an lame intro and turn you off. was this lame ?

The purpose is anything you would do genuinely if money did not matter.

What is Purpose

You cannot change the world all by yourself. But you can contribute to the positive change and well being of other. That sense of contribution makes you happy and complete.

The work you do, not just for yourself but to contribute the well being of others which makes you feel complete and happy is called purpose. This may not be the exact definition of what a purpose is but it somewhere lies in the intersection of happiness, completeness, well being of others.

Why you should pursue your purpose?

Before talking about why, let me tell you about what happens when you don’t have purpose in our life.

At first, detach the term purpose with how much money you earn. You may be rich and still be miserable at the same time.

When you don’t love what you do

  1. You don’t have genuine enthusiasm in what you do
  2. You might be stable financially but there is an unending void inside you
  3. The only best day at your work is a salary receiving day.
  4. Concentration becomes hard.

You will forever live a mediocre life. It is more awful than it sounds.

When you do what you love,

  1. You become enthusiastic about what you do.
  2. Concentration becomes easy.
  3. Work won’t feel like work
  4. You will have eustress but never distress
  5. You have a reason to wake up every morning
  6. Whatever life stage you are in, a sense of completeness resides in you.

So basically, If you don’t find and pursue your purpose, your life feels meaningless and you become sad.

Everything converges into nothingness if you are not happy. You are just in purgatory between life and death. Doesn’t matters how much money you make. Money can give you financial freedom but can never complete you if you are purposeless.

Talking about purpose is beyond the scope of this article. I will be writing about this a lot.

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