Life mantra Stay away from energy suckers

Life Mantra: Prevent Energy Suckers

You all remember that sometimes you meet a person and instantly feel good about them and sometimes you meet someone and notice something is off. Trust yourself in both cases.

If you have experienced the latter case then congratulations you are going to learn more of it.

Energy suckers are those who feed on other’s positive energy to dwell on their negativity. They make you feel void, incomplete, or drained after you have had a transaction with them or even remained in their circle of aura. Yeah, they suck.

If you cannot relate to any of the experiences then here is how you can recognize the energy suckers around you.

Article Break Down:

  1. How to recognize the energy sucker?
  2. How to Protect Energy?

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How to Recognize Energy Suckers?

  1. They complain all the time

    They have the tendency to complain about things or situation and not do anything about it. They don’t want to solve problem
    or come up with a solution. They just want you to sympathize with their problem and feel sorry about them.

  2. They judge all the time

    Judgement is good, because of that you are able to distinguish the energy suckers. This kind of judgement is called perceiving.

    But They don’t judge this way. They don’t empathize with you. They just flood their advice on you. Keep reminding you you are wrong. Don’t respect your opinions. I suggest you to run when you notice these traits in someone.

  3. Their Criticism tone is Negative

    Constructive criticism is manure to growth. But negative criticism can drain you, make you feel low. You may suffer imposter syndrome. Its very dangerous for your growth. You will increase self-doubts. You will have low confidence. And soon will be out of the game. Instead remain out of their aura and inside the game.

  4. They blame others for everything

    Yes, we all know this kind of person. They don’t take responsibility for their actions. They are self claimed perfectionists who behaves in a way they know everything and cannot make mistake.

  5. Over Dramatic

    They are attention seekers. They create drama to center themselves. They show aggressiveness or depressions, act childish, or show some self-centering acts. Don’t fall into the trap. Depressed people will personally consult if any help needed or hide their pain. And this is the 21st century no one is too childish or innocent. They know what and why they are doing.

    Note: Acting childish in front of their partner is a feminine’s trait. Embrace it, man 😜

  6. Unapologetic

    They try to hide their mistake. They don’t apologize. Even if they do it to, they do it without empathizing or realization.

  7. Depends upon your happiness

    Taking responsibility for your own happiness and peace is the best gift you can give someone in any relationship. No one owes anything to anyone. Energy suckers don’t get this. They depend on others for their happiness and in this process, they drain others with their negative energy.

    This mostly happens in intimate relationships.
    Note: Don’t get involved with an individual who is not happy with himself in the first place. You may think you can heal them but you cannot. You will get trapped.

How to protect your energy ?

  1. Set boundaries
    Setting boundaries will stop people from flooding their dramas to you. You may seem rude to energy suckers but setting boundaries is a healthy habit. It shows your mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.
  2. Say No
    Say no ruthlessly. Saying No boosts your confidence and lets others know that you value your self worth and won’t care about their drama. Saying no is the most underrated skill. Be sure to learn it. kissing ass will get you nowhere. Be authentic to yourself.
  3. Don’t hang out with them
    Stop hanging out with them. Staying away from others for your peace of mind is not rude. You are just being authentic to yourself and the other person.
    Note: If people stay away from you for their peace of mind. Respect their decision and maintain margins with them. Don’t feel sad and low. If you obstruct other people’s happiness you must be strong enough to leave the way.

  4. Unfollow their social accounts, delete their contacts
    I have witnessed the amount of relaxation you get after unfollowing a toxic person’s account on social media. Energy sucker is no less than an energy drainer in social media too.
    So, If you ever find if any person’s digital content is messing with your peace of mind simply unfollow them. Don’t bother to argue with them. You got nothing to prove. Be a good boy and just unfollow them.

    The first step I took to stay away from energy sucker is, I unfollowed their accounts.

  5. Confrontation (Last option)
    Even after ghosting them or being around them less. If they still don’t get the signal of you trying to hang out less with them. Then its time for confrontation. Have the balls, go and confront them that you don’t want to hang out with them. Don’t care about what he will feel or how he will react. You are actually being authentic to him. It may get him to realize and motivate him to improve.
    Even if he doesn’t realize it. You don’t care. You want to protect your mental wellbeing that’s it.


After following the steps above, Notice the changes in your mental health, daily energy. Feel the difference in your productivity. You will feel how you will flourish in your life. You will feel how charged you feel. It will feel like getting out of a closed room. Lights entering your world. This is the first step to living life to fullest.

Life tip: Don’t hang out with energy suckers because of fear of being alone after not hanging out with them.
Solitude > Hanging Out with the wrong people. Embrace Solitude.

The People I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life without were removed. Turns out they were the blockage

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