Gems I found lately

Gems I found lately

Don’t center yourself on everything.

Don’t center yourself on everything aka Don’t take everything personally. We frequently receive compliments based on how we perform our tasks, how we look, what clothes we are on.

Compliments make us feel good and build our ego too. And any single insult will dominate 100 of the compliments we receive. The lesson here is don’t get flattered by compliments and sad by insults.

What you say about others says a lot about you

This couldn’t be more true. People give out what they have. If people say bad about you, it not you, its them.

The same is the case if someone compliments you. You don’t need to center everything towards you and feel bad or good based on people’s comments. Don’t seek external validation. Stay authentic and validate yourself.

Do more often what fears you

Do more often what fears you aka Get your ass out of your comfort zone.

Comfort zone (opposite of growth) is a state where you feel less anxiety or stress and you are familiar with your present situation.

The Comfort zone means no growth. I am an extreme extrovert. But talking to girls had always been the most difficult task for me. Things changed when I started approaching stranger girls( not on social media ). No, don’t get me wrongšŸ˜‚. My intention was just to have a concise conversationšŸ˜‰.

I might still not be that good enough at having a good conversation with girls but I have no fear approaching them. Have balls and take risks.

If you fear talking to people, set a goal of talking to a stranger every day. If you fear speaking in public, speak up in business meetings or seminars. Constantly keep doing things that fear you.

Note: Risk and Danger are two very different things. Don’t do things that are danger.

Don’t use Facebook

will not explain

Write Journal

This article will explain.

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